iPhone is only getting bigger and bigger.

Publicado: 8 de febrero de 2015 de editoreslaboratorio en Análisis de Noticias

Apple has caused quite a stir with the new iPhones 6 and 6 plus’ launches. More than 4 million of these phones were pre-ordered within the first day, which caused the outrage of the Apple Store site for more than two hours. The high demand has far exceed the initial supply of smartphones.The new phones, announced to much fanfare last week, have larger screens, faster performance, and come equipped with Apple Pay, a digital payment service. The iPhone 6 starts at $199 with a two-year contact, while the iPhone 6 Plus starts at $299 with a two-year contract.

This piece of news is a big example of the strength of some brands. The demand of iPhones is very high, even-tough, as we all can guess, they must be extremely expensive, even more expensive than the iPhone 5 when it came out (which sold way less in the 24 first hours than the iPhones 6 and 6 plus).

We can say there’s a demand shift on the right every year a new iPhone is released, because consumers are willing to buy more iPhones for the same price, or even at a higher price.

The demand curve represents the relationship between the quantity of a good or set of goods and services that consumers want and are willing to buy in relation to price it, assuming all other factors are held constant.

Other news has published about this new talking about the new record Apple has gotten with this new innovation and becoming one of the richest business in the world  , and call it as the “technological giant “: “Under his leadership, Apple has become a company with more socially conscious, concerned about improving working conditions in factories abroad and aiming to reduce pollution caused by data centers and devices” note in Tech Times.


iphone 6

We all know how good this brand is and the power it has in the market (you can see it clearly after reading this piece of news). There are tens of cell-phones brands, but not as successful as Apple, which is only getting bigger and bigger (eventhought I don’t think many people can afford this exhorbitant prices) and currently ruling the phones’ sales.

We’ve chosen this piece of news because it’s clearly an example of some news that talks about demand and supply, about shifts in the demand curve, factors of demand (preferences-strenght of brands), and we’ve already worked on all that in class.

– http://www.cbsnews.com/news/iphone-6-demand-outstrips-supply/

GROUP 2                                                    demandshift

  1. GRUPO 4 dice:

    Esta noticia la verdad es que nos ha gustado bastante ya que estaba bien estructurada con un vocabulario en inglés correcto y claro para nosotros y han explicado la curva de la demanda y el desplazamiento que hay en ella. Además la noticia era fácil de entender y la han enfocado con un tema visto en clase reciente. Es increíble como la gente se pelea por conseguir estos móviles a pesar de su alto precio.

  2. Grupo 1 dice:

    Es una buena elección porque vemos que es fácil y está muy relacionada con lo que hemos visto en clase, además nos la han explicado en inglés y bastante bien ya que todos la hemos entendido perfectamente, y con la gráfica de la demanda y su desplazamiento mejor aún.


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